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Welcome to Istinja website. Specializing in Toilet Bidet or Bathroom bidet

At Istinja we take personal hygiene very seriously. For this we are offering a fantastic range of Toilet Bidets at truly affordable prices. With Istinja you can be assured of a great product everytime.

World medical experts agree:

Incomplete cleansing after bowel movement causes 80% of intestinal and feminine hygiene related diseases.
It is impossible to clean with just paper alone; it leaves a residue that allows bacteria or fungus to flourish. This can result in undesired itching, odour and the possibility of inflammation or infection.

As North Americans we spend thousands on personal care products and are meticulous about the cleanliness of our bodies. Yet we blissfully ignore essential cleansing after toilet activity by relying on dry paper alone.

Choose Istinja Inc. For your Hygiene.
Istinja toilet Bidets offer the perfect solution to washing oneself after using the toilet. Our revolutionary and affordable sanitary-ware comprises of personal hygiene plumbing - full toilet seat fixture which fits on your existing toilet OR - a toilet seat attachment which installs in minutes under your existing toilet seat.

With ISTINJA toilet seat bidets:
  • Personal hygiene is made easy for the entire family of all ages. The ideal solution for young children, the elderly and those with limited mobility.
  • You get Hands-free alternative to wiping. Less hand contact means less exposure to bacteria and disease.Wiping is not cleaning: Replace the irritating effects of toilet paper with the fresh and clean sensation of water sprays.
  • Daily bathroom bidet use promotes to good hygiene and health.

ISTINJA Toilet bidets help:
  • The elderly and Physically Challenged: Toilet seat bidets are easy to use, our range of Toilet Bidets or Bathroom bidets provides a pleasant, comfortable and dignified bathroom experience.
  • Feminine hygiene: Chemical free alternative provides relief from common infections and discomforts.
  • Provide effective relief for hemorrhoids and the associated swelling and inflammation of veins around the anus or lower rectum. Istinja toilet seat Bidets spray gently to cleanse the affected and surrounding area, relieving irritating itching, swelling, and even bleeding.
  • Provide effective relief from the irritating effects of ailments such as, constipation, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and feminine discomforts.
  • Daily Toilet Bidet use promotes good personal hygiene and health

Make your bathroom experience a comfortable one: ISTINJA Toilet Bidets promote feelings of well-being, freshness, cleanliness, and satisfaction!